Winter is Coming & You're Going to Need to Protect Your Skin

It's no secret that a strong SPF is crucial to your daily skincare regimen, but did you know that it's even more crucial that you wear it during the winter months too? Just because you don't see the sun as often doesn't mean the UV (ultraviolet) rays have simply gone away for the winter. In fact, during winter there may be an increased risk of overexposure to the sun's UV radiation due to reflected rays from snow and ice. SPF also provides an added layer of protection from the changing elements - cold, snow, sudden fluctuations in temperature, etc. Your skin needs constant protection from the elements.

I Recommend Pollution Shield SPF 46 by SENTÉ

Pollution Shield SPF 46 PA++++ is a full physical tinted sunscreen with 14.5% Zinc Oxide and 5.3% Titanium Dioxide along with SENTE Second Skin Technology, an invisible breathable barrier that protects the skin from physical pollutants and ATP Technology which detoxifies, reenergizes and resets the skin.

  • Full Physical Sunscreen actives (all mineral, all inorganic) - Tinted
  • Dual Protection beyond Solar UVA/UVB by the addition of Second Skin Technology (Biosaccharide) against Pollution/Environmental Stressors
  • Clinically tested to provide non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and non-phototoxic claims in addition with a UVA rating of PA ++++ (Highest UVA approval rating of Phototoxicity Test not required by the FDA)
  • It does not contain nanotechnologies and is paraben free, oil free, fragrance-free, and not tested on animals
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation (This is a really important factor when searching for a sunscreen.)

Clinical Studies

SENTÉ recently conducted an IRB-approved 12-week clinical study to evaluate efficacy and tolerability of a skincare regimen in subjects( 35-65 years old) with moderate to severe photodamage. Qualified subjects were instructed to use the following regimen:

  1. Generic Cleanser (AM/PM)
  2. SENTÉ Dermal Repair Cream (AM/PM)
  3. Pollution Shield SPF46 (AM/ re-apply if needed throughout the day)
  4. ATP Reset Moisturizer (PM).

Preliminary week 2 and 4 results showed noticeable improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial redness and skin texture compared to baseline.


Should I Use Any Other Products with the Pollution Shield?

I recommend the SENTÉ Bio Complete Serum at nighttime and the SENTÉ Dermal Repair Cream. Both products work to repair sun damage while the Pollution Shield works to prevent further sun damage.