Ladies the "O" Shot has Changed the Vaginal Rejuvenation Game

Gone are the days when 'vaginal rejuvenation' was a cringe-worthy term that took your imagination to a dark place of scalpels and sutures. Dr. Emer and his faculty are performing extremely effective and better yet, non-invasive procedures in Beverly Hills that are helping women regain their confidence and heightened levels of arousal/orgasm in the bedroom. Advanced medical technology and creative treatment plans have changed the vaginal rejuvenation game for good. Dr. Emer's combination treatments have covered all the bases from ultra-sensitive clitoris stimulation to advanced 'shrink wrap' technology to the exterior and interior vaginal walls. But today we are here to talk about the "O" SHOT.

"O" is for ORGASM

Literally though... "O" is an abbreviation for orgasm. This treatment was designed to give women the ability to experience extremely heightened levels of sensitivity in their clitoris and G spot. It's no secret that as you age everything starts to get a little less fabulous; wrinkles set in, things start to sag and sensitivity in your nether regions starts to diminish slowly, but surely. This is the same for men and women alike. The O Shot is actually unisex, believe it or not. Dr. Emer regularly treats couples who are looking to revitalize their sex life with a natural, non-invasive, effective option. But we aren't here to talk about enhanced penile stimulation (the "P" shot), that's for another day... This one is for the ladies!

What is the "O" Shot?

First, the area is numbed. Then Dr. Emer and/or staff will take your blood and spin it. Spinning it separates your growth factors AKA PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP is blood that is spun down and separated, producing a concentration of platelets above normal values. Platelets are the clotting cells of our blood, but they also have great potential in enhancing healing of muscle, tendon, and ligaments. Studies suggest that growth factors released by platelets recruit reparative cells. Platelets are extremely rich in the connective tissue growth and healing factors. Many surgeons are using PRP to heal torn rotator cuffs or to address arthritis. Dr. Emer uses PRP regularly on the face to regenerate sun-damaged cells or injured cells after laser or microneedling procedures to increase collagen production long-term as well as immediately stimulate repair. PRP is a natural, long-lasting healing option that is derived from your own body.

What Does it Help With?

  1. Dryness - Vaginal dryness can happen at any age but is more likely to occur during menopause. This is due to decreasing levels of estrogen in the body. Hormonal changes characteristic of menopause can alter the moisture levels in the body, including the vaginal area. Studies report that 40 - 60% of women develop vaginal dryness during the menopausal transition. PRP injections stimulate collagen production, therefore, increasing the amount of moisture or lubricant the body produces. This improves a woman's sensation during sex so there is less friction or irritation, that often is a problem for women with low moisture or lubrication.
  2. Urinary incontinence - This happens when men and women age, but more so in women. Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine. It's much more common than you might think. Since PRP injections are increasing sensitivity they are also increasing one's ability to control their muscles that hold their eliminations until they reach a restroom.
  3. Sexual dysfunction - As women age, many experience a numbing sensation in their clitoris. They want to be stimulated during sex but often feel nothing. This affects their libido and desire to have sex. PRP injections are highly effective at increasing sensitivity to both the clitoris and G spot.

What Other Treatments Would You Combine with the "O" Shot?

We'll cover all of the combination options in another blog post, but in the meanwhile, you should know your options. Dr. Emer has developed a unique combination of non-invasive treatments that he would use in conjunction with the "O" Shot, such as:

  1. Fillers - PRP or Sculptra to plump the vaginal area long term through collagen production but hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero Balance can give an immediate cosmetic improvement of the area (both sagging, lost volume and wrinkles).
  2. RF (radio frequency) devices like BTL Ultra Femme and ThermiVA treatments to tighten skin and stimulate moisture and collagen production.
  3. Lasers such as erbium and CO2 can be used to damage the tissue inside the vagina that grows back as brand new tighter skin.
  4. Liposuction of the mons pubis to reduce the 'frump' or 'bump' under your clothing and underwear.
  5. Botox to decrease sweating in and around the vagina helps to decrease rubbing or irritation often created by excessive sweating to this area.

What's the Downtime? How Often Should I Do This?

No downtime, ladies! You can go about your day as if nothing happened. You can resume sexual activity right away, although Dr. Emer often recommends waiting 24 hours -- if you can!

This procedure can be done monthly if you are truly in love with the results, although most women will do a series of 2-3 treatments a month apart and then every 3-6 months as desired.